How to hold the steering wheel


How to hold the steering wheel 1


If the steering wheel is regarded as a clock face, the correct gesture is to hold the left hand between nine and ten o'clock and the right hand between three and four o'clock. In the event of a collision, this posture is more conducive to supporting the body. If you only hold the steering wheel with your four fingers and stick your thumbs up on the steering wheel, when the wheel hits a stone or a high step, the front wheel will sometimes suddenly turn to one side, driving the steering wheel to rotate quickly, which may smash your thumb.


How to hold the steering wheel 2


Because of the poor car feel, many novices try to adjust the seat as far forward as possible in order to see the front of the car, almost holding the steering wheel while driving; there are also some old drivers who like to tilt the seat back back when running long distances and use semi-lying It’s an unsafe practice to drive in a different position. The correct way is to first adjust the reclining angle of the seat back to about 110 degrees. Scientific experiments have shown that this angle is the most ergonomic, and the body is not easy to fatigue; then lean the body against the back of the seat, seat the seat fully and firmly; then put the wrist joint on the top of the steering wheel to adjust the front and rear of the seat Distance, so that the elbow joint can still bend.

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